Vanuatu That Needs to Learn More about International Law

There are some nations that think that Papua is underdeveloped. That might be a bit true in some parts, but that does not mean that you can easily underestimate Papua as one part of Indonesia. That is because even though there was a free west Papua movements, all of those things have been finished since many years ago. As the result, all of the people in Papua have agreed that Papua is one of those provinces in Indonesia. Even though there are still some separation parties in Papua, the government tried to give the equality to all of the people.

Unfortunately, there are some parties outside Indonesia that are still trying to get the advantages from this kind of situation. Some of them are even thinking that they can spread the west Papua news that they want to create a situation that is not conducive at all. The great news is that all of those people in Papua already have the knowledge about the international law and many things related with the things happened in the past.


There is a nation called Vanuatu that thinks that Indonesia was being unfair to the people in Papua. That is why they want to help the people in Papua. The problem comes when the people who they helped were the parts of the separatist movements. Fortunately, this is something that the youths from Papua realized. They do not want to experience another west Papua conflict. That is why they try to outsmart the delegation of Vanuatu on the international event that gathers delegations from many other countries. In that meeting, the Indonesian delegation that comes from Papua personally stated that Vanuatu should learn more about international law and stop messing up with the domestic things inside a country. In this case, it is the case between Indonesia and Papua.


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