Kapendam Cendawasih Admitted TNI participated in the construction of Transpapua Road

Head of Information for Kodam (Kapendam) XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Inf M Aidi acknowledged TNI involvement in the process of building roads and bridges in Distril Yall, Yigi, and Mbua. But he questioned whether because of this they were then deserved to be killed. “If the TNI builds a road, does it deserve to be slaughtered? This is the logic, a moral mindset,” M Aidi was quoted as saying by Antara about West Papua news on Friday (7/12). Aidi explained that the construction of the Transapua road and bridge was divided into a number of sectors. In 2016-2017 there were several contractors working in a number of places in the interior of Papua, including in Nduga. He acknowledged that one of the TNI regiments, Zeni Konstruksi, had been involved in the process of building the Transapua road and bridge and it doesn’t make any West Papua conflict.

“The TNI Construction Engineer has also worked there. The TNI was given the hardest sector, besides that there were also other companies that worked like Istaka Karya. It was wrong where the TNI was involved in helping the work, let alone the president’s order, state orders,” he said. Aidi said that even if there were TNI members who committed crimes then they should be legally processed. “TNI is present to build Papua, the welfare of the Papuan people, how come they must be slaughtered, killed?” he said. The involvement of the TNI in the development was conveyed by a person claiming to be a spokesman for TPN/OPM Sebby Sambon. According to Sebby, one of the reasons for shooting PT Istaka Karya workers in Nduga was because the workers were members of the TNI.

But Aidi asked Sebby to prove his accusation whether it was true that the victims of the shooting were members of the TNI or civil society. He invited Sebby to Timika, Mimika Regency to see the victims of the shooting from Nduga. This is according to Aidi so that Sebby knows the victims of armed groups not members of the TNI and not relating any of this tragedy to free West Papua movement. Aidi guarantees Sebby’s security if he is willing to come directly to Timika. According to him, Sebby must prove his accusation that the trans-Papua road and bridge workers in Yall District, Yigi and Mbua are members of the TNI.


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