Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

Bromo tour package is a service provided by a local travel agent in East Java to visit and enjoy the beauty that surrounds Mount Bromo. In general, the destination when you visit Bromo is the sunrise from the top of the climb, to the bromo crater, whispering sand and the teletubbies hill.

In East Java there are many travel services to Mount Bromo, I call one of them on the site Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent have a complete tour package offer and low prices that can be adjusted to your budget.

Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

This convenience can help realize the expectations of every traveler who will come to Mount Bromo both personally, backpacker and with a group. In addition, if the offer they provide is less than what you want, then you can change the activity yourself as desired. Flexible enough and easy what they offer for you.

Mount Bromo is one of the best destinations for tourists in East Java, the beauty of the sunrise is still the dominant attraction for many tourists to come every day. Here, it is never deserted from tourist visits, so the most important tips for those of you who plan to come to Mount Bromo are when going to Mount Bromo on high season then booking your accommodation in advance because it is certain that if you book accommodation when the time is near it will run out.

What was brought when going to Bromo:

Flashlight: The track is relatively easy to follow but very dark before sunrise.
Water: Even though the weather is cold, you will find yourself sweating on the road.
Warm Clothes: Very cold temperatures around Mount Bromo. Ask who they think about the sunrise and they will tell you that they are too cold to pay attention!

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