Mount Blue Fire an International Phenomenon Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Blue Fire an International Phenomenon Ijen Crater Tour . Mountains are often associated with something strong, firm, majestic, and sturdy. Despite being anywhere, both on land and at sea, the mountain will still stand firm and not easily uprooted. In addition, the supporting element of mountain is fire. This assumption comes from lava originating from a volcano. These two elements, mountains and fire were originally symbolized as something horrible or dangerous. However, over time, humans can harness the power of it, creating energy from fire and mountain elements. In addition to energy, humans also often use it as a tourist location and self-reflection. One of them can be found in the Blue Fire which is included in the Mount Ijen Crater tour.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package

Mount Blue Fire an International Phenomenon Ijen Crater Tour

If you notice, the fire color is not entirely red, orange, or yellow. There are times when the fire is blue. Experts say that this blue fire is a hotter fire than yellow or orange. These have become the basis of the Blue Fire. Blue Fire tourist location is located near to the crater of Ijen, another Bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya package spot. With an altitude of about 2500 meters above the sea level, you can watch blue flame in the depths of sea. Yes, the Blue Fire is located on the seabed, generated by sulfur gas bursts that exist on it. Its bright blue light was piercing through the darkness of the night. Due to temperature, this fire can remain burn even in the bottom of water.

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The best time to watch the Blue Fire is from 2-3 in the morning. Do not be surprised if you find a lot of foreign tourists around this area since there are only two Blue Fires around the world; one in Indonesia and one in Iceland. Well, Indonesians should be proud that Mount Blue Fire an International Phenomenon Ijen Crater Tour has provided a very rare natural phenomenon, even around the world.

Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

Bromo tour package is a service provided by a local travel agent in East Java to visit and enjoy the beauty that surrounds Mount Bromo. In general, the destination when you visit Bromo is the sunrise from the top of the climb, to the bromo crater, whispering sand and the teletubbies hill.

In East Java there are many travel services to Mount Bromo, I call one of them on the site Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent have a complete tour package offer and low prices that can be adjusted to your budget.

Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

Bromo Tour Package From Local Travel Agent

This convenience can help realize the expectations of every traveler who will come to Mount Bromo both personally, backpacker and with a group. In addition, if the offer they provide is less than what you want, then you can change the activity yourself as desired. Flexible enough and easy what they offer for you.

Mount Bromo is one of the best destinations for tourists in East Java, the beauty of the sunrise is still the dominant attraction for many tourists to come every day. Here, it is never deserted from tourist visits, so the most important tips for those of you who plan to come to Mount Bromo are when going to Mount Bromo on high season then booking your accommodation in advance because it is certain that if you book accommodation when the time is near it will run out.

What was brought when going to Bromo:

Flashlight: The track is relatively easy to follow but very dark before sunrise.
Water: Even though the weather is cold, you will find yourself sweating on the road.
Warm Clothes: Very cold temperatures around Mount Bromo. Ask who they think about the sunrise and they will tell you that they are too cold to pay attention!

Cheap Price Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Bromo ijen tour package is a tour package for those who want to have a trip to Ijen in Bromo. Do you know the main attractive thing in the tourist area of Bromo Ijen? That is a huge crater lake that has a lot of sulfur with a very charming blue color hidden between the thin walls grooved stone. For those who ever visited there, they must be excited and amazed by the very beautiful view that is shown. Well, if you looking for the tour package that will not make you disappointed later, now, we will share you some tips about that. Cheap Price Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Tips For Choosing Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Cheap Price Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya or Yogyakarta

There are several important tips that you have to consider for Bromo Ijen tour package, so your vacation will be a memorable moment. For the first tip is that you must know the information about the package. Try to look for the information on the internet. my recomendation is BROMO-TOUR.COM . Usually, there are some forums or traveling portal that you can obtain some information and promo. Then, choose the best service because service is prominent. What does that mean? It means that it can explain the trip plans and administration clearly. Try to look for testimony from your relatives or forums for the recommended tour package. Lastly, if you go with more people, the price is usually cheaper. So, go together with your family or friends to have a cheaper package.

Actually, a lot of interesting places you can visit, but if you live far away and impossible to travel to Bromo often, you should focus on the curtain that is really good and famous like Ijen. So that, you have a chance to enjoy it and save your budget well. Then you can visit other places next time. Well, those are several tips of bromo ijen tour package that you can notice before you have the tour for vacation.

5 Tips on Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani is one of the dreams of many people, especially for climbers who have never visited there. This mountain became the dream of many people because besides famous for its beauty this mountain is also famous for the preservation of nature in it because the habitat of flora and bfauna in it is still very awake. For those of you who want to climb to Mount Rinjani there are some things you need to pay attention and prepare for the journey that will be passed later will be very heavy. Here are some tips on climbing Mount Rinjani Trekking

Preparing physically

The main thing that you need to prepare that is your own physical condition because the trip to the top of Rinjanii will be very tiring and draining power especially if you do not have much time to rest then exercise to improve stamina and body fitness will be one solution to conquer Rinjani.

Preparing mentally

Besides a good mental can also help you reach the top of Rinjani because of perseverance, unyielding determination and patience in the struggle will greatly affect the success of the climbers who want to get to the top of Rinjani.

Preparing health

A few days or weeks before climbing you should also prepare your health. To do so you can change your lifestyle to be more orderly for a healthier body such as regular exercise, adequate rest every day, eating nutritious food every day and so forth

Prepare enough supplies and supplies

Another thing you should not miss is the climbing equipment and logistical supplies during the climbing journey later. Therefore all equipment, equipment and logistic preparations should be arranged well before departure.

Increase knowledge of the terrain to be traversed

The last thing you need to consider before starting your Rinjani climb should be to extend your knowledge of the characteristics and conditions of the terrain that you are going through. Because then you can anticipate well the worst possibilities that can happen during the trip that you do.